Alan Jackson - Little Bitty

From "Everything I Love" (1996) (Tom T. Hall) Tab By: Gene L. Graham ( Capo: 2nd Fret INTRO: [D] [A7] [G] [D] (x2) [D]Have a little love on a [A7]little honey-[D]moon You got a little dish and you [A7]got a little [D]spoon A little bitty house and a [A7]little bitty [D]yard A little bitty dog and a [A7]little bitty [D]car CHORUS: Well, it's al[G]right too be little [D]bitty A little home [A7]town or a big old [D]city Might as well [G]share, might as well [D]smile Life goes on for a [A7]little bitty [D]while INTRO (1/2) A little bitty baby in a [A7]little bitty [D]gown It'll grow up in a [A7]little bitty [D]town Big yellow bus n' [A7]little bitty [D]book It all started with a [A7]little bitty [D]look CHORUS INTRO (1/2) They know you got a job and a [A7]little bitty [D]check Six-pack of beer and a [A7]television [D]set Little bitty world goes [A7]around and a[D]round Little bit of silence and a [A7]little bit of [D]sound A good old boy and a [A7]pretty little [D]girl Start all over in a [A7]little bitty [D]world Little bitty plan and a [A7]little bitty [D]dream It's all part of a [A7]little bitty [D]scheme CHORUS (x2) INTRO