Corb Lund Band - Roughest Neck Around

Capo: 2nd Fret INTRO: [G] [G]He's got a real long reach in the derrick when he leans He's been all around the world on the big oil rigs With the [C]welders and the trucks on the black gold rush And the [G]diesel burning cat motors growling in the mud CHORUS: You [D]better hire him on, he's the roughest neck around He got the [C]power in his hand to pull the dragons from the ground [G] It's [G]35 below or it's 98 above He's workin' through it all cause baby this is what he loves Drives [C]150 miles makes sure his kids are doing fine And he [G]sees em when he can but he's married to his iron CHORUS [G]He's a good hand to have on, and he's throwin' on the tongs Spinnin' chain and slidin' high side all night long And he's [C]tripping in his pipe, and he torques it good and tight And ya [G]gotta figure Eddy's got his mud weight right CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL: [G] [G] [C] [G] [D] [C] [G] Well his [G]mind's a little tired but his back is plenty strong Got his green kings and filthy frozen cover alls on And he's [C]drillin' by the inch and he's haulin on the winch Takin' [G]fuel from the tanks on his short change shift CHORUS (x2) [G]He brings the power to people, the power to the people [G]Cause he's the roughest neck around [G]He's pullin' dragons from the ground [G]He gets the power to the people, the power to the people