Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me

Fmaj7: x-x-3-2-1-0 INTRO: [G] [D] [Em] [C] E|---------3---------|-----------0-h-2-------|---------0--------|---------3--------------| B|-----------3-------|---------3-------------|-----------0~-----|-----------1------------| G|-----0-------------|-0h2---2-----------2h4-|-----0------------|-----0-------------0----| D|---0---0-----------|-----0-----------0-----|---2---2------2/5-|---2---2-------0h2------| A|---------------0h2-|-----------------------|------------------|-3-----------3----------| E|-3-----------3-----|-----------------------|-0----------------|---------------------0~-| [Em] I woke up early this morning around [C]4am With the [G]moon shining bright as headlights [Dsus2]on the interstate. [Em] I pulled the covers over my head and [C]tried to catch some sleep But [G]thoughts of us kept keeping me a[D]wake [Am] Ever since you found yourself in [Em]someone else's arms I've been [F]tryin' my best to get along But that's OK, There's nothing left to say, but... CHORUS: [G] Take your records, take your [D]freedom Take your memories I don't [Em]need 'em. Take your space and take your [Cadd9]reasons But you'll think of me. [G] And take your cat and leave my [D]sweater 'Cause we have nothing left to [Em]weather In fact, I'll feel a whole lot [C]better But you'll think of me [G] You'll think of me [D] [Em] I went out driving trying to [C]clear my head I tried to [G]sweep out all the ruins that my [D]emotions left [Em] I guess I'm feeling just a little [C]tired of this And [G]all the baggage that seems to [D]still exist [Am] It seems the only blessing I have [Em]left to my name Is not [F]knowing what we could of been, What we should've been, so... CHORUS BRIDGE: [F] Some [Am7]day, I'm gonna run across your [Em]mind Don't worry, I'll be [D]fine I'm gonna be al[F]right While your sleeping with your [Am7]pride Wishing I could hold you [Em]tight I'll be over you And [Fmaj7]on with my life CHORUS (x2) [G]You'll think of me [Dsus2] [Em] And your gonna [Cadd9]think of me [G] [D] Oh [Em]someday baby, some[C]day INTRO (x4)