Great Big Sea - Feel it Turn

From "Turn" (1999) (Sean McCann, Bob Hallett) [G] I had a [D/F#]dream I was [C]moving [D]forward [G] Floating [D/F#]gently [C]to the [D]sun [G] Come to [D/F#]see my [C]world re[D]warded A [C]new day has [G]begun [G] A lost bird caught in [D]mid-migration [G] Faraway to a [D]foreign land [G] Offspring of a [D]secret nation A [G]new day has [D]begun CHORUS: Well, [Em]I can't [Am]see the [C]earth be[A9]low me And [Em]I can [Am]feel it [C]turn [A9] Feel it [C]turn [D] Feel it [G]turn [D] Feel it [C]turn [D] [G] Fog [D/F#]lifts to [C]reveal po[D]tential [G] For ge[D/F#]nerations[C] prophe[D]sized [G] Our [D/F#]growth to be [C]expo[D]nential The [G]promise is finally [D]realized CHORUS Feel it [Em]turn Across the [D]sky The [C]world it learns [Am7]So [C/B]must [C]I [D] [G] Cut [D/F#]steel wired [C]into [D]water [G] Fixed [D/F#]links cir[C]cumnavi[D]gate [G] Old [D/F#]men see your [C]sons and [D]daughters No [C]longer, no longer [G]hesitate CHORUS OUTRO: (x3) Feel it [G]turn [D], Feel it [C]turn [D]