Garth Brooks - The Dance

From "Garth Brooks" (1989) (Tony Arata) INTRO: [G] [C/G] [G] [C/G] [G] [D] [C/G] [G] e|-----------------3-----------------------3------|------------------------------| B|-----------0---------1-------------0---------1--|-----------0--3-------1----0--| G|--------0------------0----------0------------0--|--------0---------0--------0--| D|-----0-----------------------0------------------|-----0--------4-------2----0--| A|------------------------------------------------|---------------------------2--| E|--3-----------3-----------3-----------3---------|--3------------------------3--| Lookin' [G]back [C/G] [G] on the [C]mem'ry of The [D]dance we shared 'neath the [G]stars above For a mo[C/G]ment [G] all the [C]world was right How could [D]I have known that you'd [C/E]ever say good-[D/F#]bye CHORUS: And [C]now, I'm glad I didn't [D]know The way it all would [Bm]end the way it all would [C]go [D] Our [C]lives, are better left to [D]chance I could have missed the [Bm]pain But I'd had have to [C]miss [D]the [G]dance INTRO Holding [G]you [C/G] [G] I held [C]everything For a [D]moment, wasn't [G]I the king? But If I'd [C/G]only [G]known how the [C]king would fall Hey, [D]who's to say? You know, I [C/E]might have changed it [D/F#]all CHORUS OUTRO: Yes my [C]life, it's better left to [D]chance I could have have missed the [Bm]pain But I'd had have to [C]miss [D]the [G]dance