Bon Jovi - All About Loving You

From "Bounce" (2002) INTRO: [G] [D] [F] [C] E|------------|-------------|-------------|------------| B|------------|-------------|-------------|------------| G|-0----------|-2-----------|-5---5-4-2-4-|-0------2-0-| D|----------0-|-----------0-|-------------|------------| A|------------|-------------|-------------|------------| E|------------|-------------|-------------|------------| [G]Looking at the pages of my [D]life Faded [F]memories of me and you [C] Mistakes you know I've made a few I [G]took some shots and fell from time [D] to time Baby, [F]you were there to pull me through We've [C]been around the block a time or [Em]two I'm [C]gonna lay it on the [D]line [Bm]Ask me how we've come this [Em]far The [C]answer's written in my [D]eyes CHORUS: Every time I [G]look at you, baby, I see [Bm]something new That [C]takes me higher than before and [Cm]makes me want you more I don't wanna [G]sleep tonight, dreamin's just a [Bm]waste of [Em]time When I [F]look at what my life's been comin' [D]to I'm [C]all about lovin' you I've [G]lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've paid some [D]dues Baby, [F] we've been to hell and back again [C]Through it all you're always my best [Em]friend For [C]all the words I didn't [D]say and [Bm]all the things I didn't [Em]do To[C]night I'm gonna find [D]a way BRIDGE: [Am] You can [C/B]take this world a[C]way You're everything I [C/B]am [Am] Just read the [C/B]lines upon my [C]face I'm [D]all about lovin' you INTRO (Chords) CHORUS [Am] [C/B] [C] I'm all about lovin' you [G]