3 Doors Down - Here Without You

Tab By: Joe@countrytabs.com Capo: 1st Fret A [Am]hundred days make me older Since the [G]last time that I saw your pretty [Am]face [F] [G] A [Am]thousand lies make me colder And I [G]don't think I can look at this the [Am]same [F] [G] [Am]All the miles that separate [G] [Am]Disappear now when I'm [F]dreamin' of your [G]face CHORUS: [C]I'm here without you baby [G]But you're still on my lonely [Am]mind I think about you baby [F]and I dream a[G]bout you all the [C]time [C]I'm here without you baby [G]But you still with me in my [Am]dreams And to[F]night, there's [G]only you and [Am]me [Am]The miles just keep rollin' As the [G]people leave their way to say [Am]hello [F] [G] I've heard this [Am]life is overrated But I [G]hope that this gets better as we [Am]go [F] [G] CHORUS [Am]Everything I know and [C]anywhere I go It gets [G]hard but it won't [F]take away my love [Am]And when the last one falls [C]when it's all said and [G]done It gets hard but it won't [F]take away my love Woah oh Wo[C]ah, wo-[G]oh [Am] [F] [G] CHORUS